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Leave a Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift to BASICS Devon volunteer immediate care responders, any gift, large or small, will make a life-changing difference to empower our responders to help save lives and increase people’s chances of survival significantly in an emergency.

By choosing us you are helping to provide your community with immediate access to crucial prehospital medical care, boosting survival chances significantly in critical emergencies where every second matters!

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Making a donation to our emergency responders helps support our critical work in providing immediate assistance during emergencies and disasters.

Donations can help fund essential resources, training programs, equipment, and operational costs, enabling responders to effectively and efficiently carry out their life-saving missions.

Any contribution can make a significant difference in enhancing our emergency response.  It will help reduce response times, prevent long-term disabilities and save lives as well as educate communities in life-saving skills.

Secure Your Legacy; Leave a Gift, Save a Life


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By leaving a gift in your will, you can empower communities to save lives, thank you

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