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Successful HELP Appeal Grant

We have received the exciting news that BASICS Devon has been successful in it's grant application to the HELP Appeal, we have been supported with funding for vital infrastructure projects.

The grant will support a number of key areas for our charity

- Fitting and replacing blue light's and sirens to our responders vehicle's

- Preparing responding vehicle's for winter conditions

- Fitting CCTV technology to responding vehicles - supporting safe emergency response's

- To work with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust to develop an improved paging system to call out our team of volunteers.

Dr Simon Scott-Hayward said "We are enormously grateful for the support of both the HELP appeal and BASICS HQ, the grant will enable us to continue our vital work across Devon in the coming years"

Receiving cheque from HELP Appeal - Dr Scott-Hayward, Far Left from BASICS Devon

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