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Volunteer Doctors thank the Help Appeal for New Pagers

Dr Simon Scott-Hayward demonstrates the new vital piece of technology used by the emergency volunteer doctors at BASICS Devon.

Pagers have served BASICS doctors well over the last 20 years and still have a very important role to play; while the concept is old the technology has been vastly upgraded. Pagers have a number of benefits, they are simple, easy to carry and have long battery life. They offer a degree of resilience outside the mobile network.

BASICS doctors find using pagers enormously beneficial to improving their response.

With huge thanks to funding and support from the Help Appeal - County Air Ambulance Trust, BASICS Devon have now been able to issue each volunteer with a new pager.

Notes for Editor

About the County Air Ambulance HELP Appeal

  • The HELP Appeal aims to significantly increase the number of onsite hospital helipads at major trauma centres and A&E hospitals through its grant scheme which offers non-repayable grants to hospitals to help fund new helipads or upgrade existing helipads.

  • · Overall it has funded 37 helipads across the country, which have seen 14,500 landings. There are over 40 projects in the pipeline including an upgraded helipad at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

  • · The HELP Appeal relies solely on charitable donations and does not receive any government funding or money from the National Lottery.

  • · You can follow the HELP Appeal on Twitter: @helipadHELP, Facebook or Linkedin or visit the website:

For further information about the HELP Appeal, please contact Corienne Kilgannon, communications director, on 07470 226063 or by emailing

About BASICS Devon

  • · BASICS Devon is a network of 13 emergency volunteer doctors providing immediate access to specialist medical care at the scene of an accident or illness. Making themselves available around the clock throughout the year, responding to incidents at the request of the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. The charity relies solely on donations.

  • · BASICS Devon doctors aim to provide a fast response to incidents in rural areas, and use their extensive skills to support patient care.

For further information, to donate or get involved please visit:

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