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Volunteers Week 2021

Celebrating and thanking all dedicated volunteers

This Volunteers' Week 2021 we are celebrating & thanking our incredible BASICS Devon volunteers, our immediate care doctors, Trustees, trainers and all those that have volunteered their time to help us in our cause now and always. Also all those volunteers across other services that have been an amazing support to us. It's been a challenging time & volunteers should be recognised not just this week, but always with their support across communities. Some of the team will be sharing why they volunteer, starting with the lovely Dr Clare Bosanko....

This #volunteersweek2021 we want to show you why the volunteers are part of BASICS Devon & thank them for their lifesaving service in the Devon community. Below is long standing member Dr David Hillebrandt.

"I’ve been a member of BASICS Devon since its inception. I’m now semi-retired as a GP doing occasional locum work, but I continue to respond for BASICS in rural north Devon. I do sometimes put my feet up and I certainly get young fit firemen to carry my equipment at the scene of accident. Most of our local retained fire crews were my patients, so we are on first name terms.

Many of the people I attend in their homes, on their farms or on the road, were my patients in the past. I have to keep my medical, trauma and driving skills up to date. I like to think my local knowledge means I can bring extra support for patients and their families at and after a stressful incident.

I actually enjoy the buzz of an unexpected call, I enjoy the patient contact and working with other emergency services.

I enjoy learning new skills and attending our educational sessions. I very much appreciate the support of my responding peers.

In the future when I do step down, I think my wife will breathe a sigh of relief, but my 4-year-old grandson is currently convinced he co-responds in his own vehicle!"

After a challenging year it is so important to celebrate & thank all volunteers, Dr Tom Owens explains why he volunteer responds for BASICS Devon

" I see volunteering with BASICS Devon to support the South Western Ambulance Service, when not working as a full-time GP or doing shifts in my local Emergency Department, as a privilege!

I have the opportunity to support the health of my local community in out of hospital emergency situations which is hugely rewarding.

There is fantastic camaraderie between my co-responders and the community first responders, emergency care technicians and paramedics when helping patients - it really is a team effort also often involving multi-agency work with Devon Air Ambulance, Police, Fire & Rescue Services and Mountain Rescue or the RNLI. At the centre of what we all do is the patient and their family.

BASICS Devon has had such great charity support and funding to help us with equipment to allow us all to respond to calls in our own vehicles, so thank you for that.

I look forward to responding with BASICS Devon for many years to come!"

About BASICS Devon

  • BASICS Devon is a network of 13 emergency volunteer doctors providing immediate access to specialist medical care at the scene of an accident or illness. Making themselves available around the clock throughout the year, responding to incidents at the request of the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. The charity relies solely on donations.

  • BASICS Devon doctors aim to provide a fast response to incidents in rural areas, and use their extensive skills to support patient care.

  • For further information, to donate or get involved please visit:

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